5 Minute MMORPG is a free, fast-paced, action-packed, kind-of-but-not-really massively multiplayeronline role-playing game, played in the comfort of your own browser.

It's everything you want from an MMORPG, in just five minutes

Enjoy grind-free gameplay in a hectic competition to be crowned as the most powerful, lag-free player on the server. Did we mention that the game is free?


Player Testimonials:

“5 Minute MMORPG lets me realize my inner hero, without destroying my social life!”

 “I am sooo done with World of Warcraft. Why spend months grinding when I can level to 80 in just five minutes?”

“I never thought that lag could be so much fun!”

“At first I was skeptical, but with this game I lost 62 lbs in five minutes, and I’ve never looked better! Thanks 5 Minute MMORPG!”

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