Q: Wait, isn't this just another stupid Flash game?

Touche, you've got us there. But we do think 5 Minute MMORPG is still kind of interesting. Read why.

Q: Dude, 10 people does not count as “massively multiplayer.”

Yes, we're aware, but KOBNRMMO (kind-of-but-not-really massively multiplayer online) isn’t such a catchy acronym. As we continue to develop the game, we hope to scale the game to support hundred and hundred of players. We’re working on it. Maybe.

Q: Why is there a delay when I try to move my character? How does this whole "lag" thing work?

The more players there are still alive, the more lag there is - just like in "real" MMORPGs!

There are two kinds of lag: an input delay (when pressing a key, the game only responds to input several seconds later) and a slowdown (the avatars move slower).

Your "future actions" are rendered in real-time as a trail of semi-transparent ghosts. So, you're given visual feedback on your own (possible) futures, but not on the planned actions of your opponents.

This means that the game is initially a strategic game of predicting your opponents' movements. Over time, the gameplay gradually becomes more action-oriented as more players die and the lag decreases. The lag eventually drops out altogether when only two players remain.

Q: I love your procedurally-generated lore. How were you able to accomplish such an impressive technological feat?

We’ll never tell…

Q: What new features can we look forward to?

Horrifying creeps, new characters, new levels, new abilities, new loot, new everything! We’re also going to add a bunch of achievements (you know, for all you achievers out there).


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